A Bargain is only a bargain if you’re getting exactly what you want at a great price rather than a cheap price for a poor imitation! Portable Fridge Solutions sell quality fridges at bargain prices.


Fridge Specials

ENGEL – The Legend in Reliability

Feature Fridge - MR40 - (38Litre Fridge or Freezer)



Base model Engel without the bells and whistles.
Dial thermostat, plastic outer casing.
Best value quality fridge on the market. 3 Years Warranty.
Refer to Products page for further information and all specifications
$799 (RRP $899) Bag with Fridge Purchase $50 (RRP $160)

Accessories for MR40 you may also like..

BMIL – Battery Cutout $ 85
Small basket for Squashables $ 25
Panel Bases for car $ 24 - $70
Transit Slide-Lok (need MR40 Kit below) $ 95
Slide-Lok MR40 kit $ 18
Digital Thermometer $ 40
Fridge slides to suit $360 - $450


Drop slide to suit $800
Batteries Various Prices
Battery Boxes Various Prices
Dual Battery Setups Vehicle Dependant


More Engel Fridges on sale


MD14 (14L) $640   (RRP $675)
MT17F(15L) $  825   (RRP $875)
MT27F (21L) $  865   (RRP $915)  
MT35FP (32L) $1170  (RRP $1275)
MT45FP (40L) $1270 (RRP $1375)
MT45FPC (39L Combi) $1320 (RRP $1425)
MT60FP (60L) $1680 (RRP $1825)
MT60FPC  (57L Combi)   $1730   (RRP $1875) 

Special Bag Prices with fridge purchase!!!


MT80FP (80L)  $1850 (RRP $1975)
MT80FPC  (75L Combi) $1900 (RRP $2025)


Engel Merchandise on sale

50th Anniversary Money Boxes $20  (RRP $30)
Golf Umbrella $25  (RRP $45)
Torch $20  (RRP $30)


Lock n Lock 4 Pack Containers $25  (RRP $45)
Fishing Hat with Monquito Netting $10  (RRP $20)
Fishing Cooler Bag $45  (RRP $70)



Feature Fridge - Waeco CFX50 (50L Fridge or Freezer)


Great mid-sized fridge with the works. Digital controls,
Battery cut-out and a USB port to charge your phone.
Dairy section included to keep butter soft and lettuce crisp.
3 Years fridge / 5 Years compressor warranty
Refer to products page for further information and all specifications

$1299 (RRP $1399) Bag with fridge purchase $80 (RRP $159)

Special Bag Prices with fridge purchase!!!

Upgrade to EP15 adaptor for $50 with 5 year warranty


Accessories you may also like

Fridge Stand $49
CFX Wireless Thermometer $69
Fridge slides to suit $360 - $490


Dropslides to suit $840
Vehicle Wiring Kit $120
Raps44 Battery Pack $360
Batteries - Various Prices
Battery Boxes - Various Prices
Dual Battery Setup - Vehicle Dependant


More Waeco Fridges on Sale

CDF11 $ 520 (RRP $ 549)
CF25 with Bag $ 750 (RRP $ 908)
CFX28 $ 930 (RRP $ 999)
CFX35 $1099 (RRP $1149)
CFX40 $1149 (RRP $1249)
CFX50 $1299 (RRP $1399)


CFX65 $1399 (RRP $1549)
CFX65DZ $1499 (RRP $1599)
CFX95DZ $1799 (RRP $1899)
CF110 (Last One) $1600 (RRP $1799)



Upright Caravan Fridges – 12V/240V

CRX1065 65L $1100 (RRP $1199)
CRX1080 80L $1300 (RRP $1399)
CRX1110 110L $1500 (RRP $1599)
CRX1140 140L $1600 (RRP $1699)

Standard and Flushmount frames are available to suit



Feature Fridge – RFE60


Fibreglass Australian Made fridge – 5 Year Warranty
Light weight, one of the best insulated fridges on the market
Fridge and freezer or all fridge when divider removed
Refer to products page for further information and all specifications

$1549 Danfoss compressor / $1449 Evakool compressor
Additional $100 for a full plate evaporator to make whole unit a full freezer
Bonus Extras: (EP12) 240V Adaptor $150 and Vehicle Wiring Kit $168


Accessories you may also like:

Fridge Slide to suit $400 - $530
Dropslide to suit $860
Upgrade to an EP15 adaptor $ 50


with 5 years warranty


More Evakool Fridges on Sale

RFE47 $1269**
RFB85 $1659**
RFE82 $1659**
RFB110 $1769**
ED45 $1269**
ED65 $1569**


ED85 $1699**
GFM70 (Poly Fridge & Freezers) $1199**
GFM95 (Poly Fridge & Freezers) $1399**

** All prices shown are for Evakool’s EK compressor.
We recommend an upgrade to the ever reliable Danfoss compressor at a cost of $100

Bonus Extras on all Evakool fridges – (EP12) 240V Adaptor valued $150 & Vehicle Wiring Kit valued $168


Customisation available

Manual Thermostat or Digital Controls – no additional charge
Lid configurations to suit your application – no additional charge
Full plate evaporator to use as full freezer $100
Prices may vary slightly as per manufacturer

Special builds may require ordering. Lead time to build and receive in Cairns please allow 2-4 weeks.


Portable Fridge Solutions (PFS) was established in 2006 by Ian & Tami Lucas as a locally owned and operated business in Cairns, North Queensland. Portable Fridge Solutions is the only company in North Queensland who specialises exclusively in the sales and repairs of camping and caravan fridges.


Our friendly, professional staff are available to help you in your decision when purchasing a portable camping fridge or caravan fridge. Our showroom displays a large range of quality fridges including Engel, Dometic-Waeco, Evakool, National Luna and Bushman.


Portable Fridge Solutions are appointed warranty service agents for the major brands and we can service and repair most other camping and caravan fridges. Our fridge repair team conducts all repairs and servicing on site in our fully equipped workshop.


Don't just take our word for it, hear what others are saying about Portable Fridge Solutions. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service to all clients and receive regular feedback to the quality of the products and service we provide in our industry.


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